The beginning of 'On the horizon' series

abstract sailing boats by Monica Moe, danish artist mallorca based

During a dog walk in the mountains with a friend she mentioned she could see the abstract shape of sailing boats sitting on calm seas on the horizon.

We decided I should make a painting of these sailing boats for her husbands birthday (he is a yacht engineer and has worked at sea most of his life, it was a no brainer!!)

She choose the colour scheme and canvas size, and left me to it.. And it was with extreme pride and gratitude for her push, that the painting was gifted, the husband loved it and I have since painted several commissions for other clients, based on this particular painting!

Thanks to my lovely friend, I realised how much I enjoy creating a painting in someones vision. Making a unique piece of art for someone, that has both their and my stamp on it.

#interiordecoration #painting #sailingboats #dragonflies