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The Full Story


Monica Moe is a Danish artist with a keen wanderlust and a love for artistic beauty and connection. Having spent her 20's working and travelling at sea, discovering and enjoying the Mediterranean and Caribbean both on land and by boat, she eventually settled on the island of Mallorca where she was drawn to painting at the same time as she discorvered she was pregnant with her first child. Her art career and family grew alongside in Mallorca for a decade, until she relocated to Dorset in 2023. 

Paint Cans


Her artworks combine and balance colours in harmony, in a ongoing dialog between her and the canvas. A meditative experience creating an energy of calm in her artwork. She is inspired by textures and perfect imperfections. Never knowing exactly where the work will go when started. She seeks a raw feminine edge in her finished paintings. Working with acrylic on canvas and paper, sometimes mixing in other mediums.

Painting Easels


Monica Moe has a lot of experience creating commissions, having worked with both private and professional clients, successfully creating art to work with existing interiors, other pieces of art and also ideas inspired by clients within her style of work.

Painting Easels
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